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Lausanne has been confirmed as the official Swiss Candidate for the 2020 Winter Youth OlympicsSeptember 19 - Lausanne has today been announced as Switzerland's official and final candidate for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics.

The country's Parliament of Sport, the Swiss National Olympic Committee's Congress made of 80 national sports federations, confirmed in a unanimous vote a recommendation that the Executive Committee of the NOC had put forward the city at the end of last month following a Lausanne 2020 presentation to 100 delegates.

"We are very grateful," said Lausanne Mayor Daniel Brélaz.

"This is yet another sign of confidence and a sort of recognition for everything this city has done in favour of international sport over the last decades.

"We look forward to collaborating with Swiss Olympic in the development of a very strong proposal to the IOC."

Officials from Lausanne, which is often referred to as the "Olympic capital" of the world as it is home to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and 60 international sports federations, had been assessing the feasibility of hosting the Winter Youth Olympics since 2010, but they said it was the hosting of the 2011 World Gymnaestrada that reinforced their ambition.

"The World Gymnaestrada in 2011 revealed a lot to us," said Marc Vuilleumier, the Councillor in charge of sports in city.

"Not only did the event affirm that we could host a major international event with 20,000 participants without major issues, but also we received positive feedback from our local population.

"After this, we knew we could do more, and we knew we could do even better.

"Now we need to convince the IOC that the Games here in the Olympic Capital can be as great for them as they can be for us."

Hosting the 2011 World Gymnaestrada reinforced Lausanne's ambition to host the Winter Youth Olympic GamesHosting the 2011 World Gymnaestrada reinforced Lausanne's ambition to host the Winter Youth Olympic Games

In July, Swiss President Ueli Maurer spoke of his excitement about the prospect of his nation hosting the Youth Olympics and said that the Games would have a "positive impact" on youth sport development throughout the country.

"Our vision for the Youth Olympic Games is simple, but it has a deep meaning for us," said Pascal Broulis, State Councillor in charge of finance and external relations.

"This event, what it is made of and what it can represent is a fantastic opportunity for a city and a state like ours.

"It can be hosted within mostly existing infrastructure, within a reasonable budget and make best use of the very strong academic partners we have here.

"Also, its impact can be very important for the image of the state, of Switzerland and for Olympism in our country.

"It is a great chance that has been given to us, and we look forward to continue the fruitful dialogue already started with Swiss Olympic and the IOC, building the best possible proposal to win in 2015."

Lausanne is the only official candidate for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics to date, but Bulgaria's capital Sofia and Lake Placid in New York are said to be mulling over the idea of bidding for the event.

The IOC's bid process for the Games will be officially launched on November 28, with the host city to be elected in May or June of 2015.

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