By Duncan Mackay

Pat McQuaid has been nominated by Morocco and Thailand to stand for UCI PresidentSeptember 6 - A proposal for an independent arbitration on whether Pat McQuaid is eligible to stand for a third term as President has been rejected by the International Cycling Union (UCI), it was announced today. 

USA Cycling - with backing from four other national federations, including Russia -  had written to McQuaid on Monday (September 2) asking him to allow the Lausanne-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to judge whether he should be allowed to stand.

McQuaid has not receive nominations from either his home federation, Cycling Ireland, or Switzerland, where he lives, which his opponents claim is required by existing UCI election rules.

But, following a meeting of its ruling Executive Board, the UCI announced tonight that the request had been turned down.

A statement read: "The UCI Executive Board has declined a request to submit a question regarding the application of Article 51.1 of the UCI Constitution to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"The UCI Executive Board, having considered and recognised the UCI Constitution and the presidential nominations properly submitted under it, has ruled unanimously that it was for the Congress, as the highest authority of the UCI - rather than CAS - to consider all aspects related to the elections.

"Pat McQuaid, who is a member of the Executive Board, absented himself and did not take part in the discussions or decision."

A proposal for the UCI to refer whether Pat McQuaid is eligible or not to stand for a third term as President to CAS has been rejectedA proposal for the UCI to refer whether Pat McQuaid is eligible or not to stand for a third term as President to CAS has been rejected

McQuaid's nomination for the election, which is due to take place in Florence on September 27 and where he will face Briton Brian Cookson, has been widely questioned and criticised.

Despite not being nominated by Ireland or Switzerland, the name of the 63-year-old McQuaid was put forward by Morocco and Thailand immediately after an amendment to election rules was proposed by the Asian Cycling Confederation and Malaysian National Cycling Federation.

They suggested that Article 51.1 of the UCI Constitution, which currently states "the candidates for the presidency shall be nominated by the federation of the candidate", should be amended to include "[or] two federations other than the federation of the candidate".

The amendment is due be voted upon at the UCI Congress, which takes place just before the Presidential election.

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