By Gary Anderson

August 25 - US skater Simon Cho has been banned for two years by the ISU after admitting to tampering with an opponents skateAmerican ice speed-skater Simon Cho has been given a two year ban by the International Skating Union (ISU) for tampering with an opponent's blade at the 2011 World Team Championships, ruling him out of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Cho, who won a bronze medal at Vancouver 2010 in the 5,000 metre team relay and an individual 500m gold at the 2011 World Championships in Sheffield, admitted to bending the blade of rival skater Olivier Jean when he was alone in the locker room which saw the Canadian team having to compete with only three skaters in the relay final and coming last.

The 21-year-old, originally from South Korea, claims that he was coerced into tampering with his opponents skate by his coach Jae Su Chun, who denies any involvement.

The ISU has banned Cho for two years with the suspension backdated to October 5, 2012, and will end on October 4, 2014, while Chun, who has since resigned as United States short track speedskating coach, was also found "guilty of misconduct and of violation" of the ISU's code of ethics and given a two-year ban that will end on August 25, 2015.

Canadian Oliver Jean could not compete in the 2011World Championship relay after Cho tampered with his skateCanadian Oliver Jean could not compete in the 2011World Championship relay after Cho tampered with his skate

Last October Cho admitted to the offence describing it as the "biggest mistake" of his life, but claimed that Chun had convinced him to do it by alleging that members of the Canadian team had helped other athletes to knock US team members out of competition.

Speaking after the ban was announced by US Speedskating, Cho said: "I definitely want to advocate, you know, sports ethics and behaviour.

"Sometimes when you're lost and you're chasing a dream, you want to be the next Michael Jordan or the next Michael Phelps of your sport, sometimes you get tunnel vision, and you lose sight of things.

"Hopefully young athletes in this generation are able to take away from my experience."

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