By Emily Goddard

hockey blueJuly 23 - Blue hockey pitches, as seen at the London 2012 Olympics, will also be a feature of the sport's tournament at Rio 2016, according to the International Hockey Federation chief executive Kelly Fairweather.

The Games marked the first time that a blue hockey pitch with pink surrounds and a yellow ball, had been used on the international stage.

Traditionally, the sport has been played on a green pitch, harking back to its roots as a natural grass sport before it made the move to a synthetic turf pitches in the 1970s.

"We decided going forward that blue will be our Olympic colour," Fairweather told insidethegames.

"For Rio it will be a blue pitch and a yellow ball.

"The surrounding colours will be decided with Rio 2016 as this depends on the colour palette they use for the look of the Games."

The move to blue pitches provided high levels of contrast with the ball for players, officials, spectators, photographers and broadcasters alike to bring the game into the 21st century.

London 2012 hockey pitchBlue is set to be the colour of the pitch for hockey at Rio 2016 after the success of London 2012, International Hockey Federation Kelly Fairweather has revealed

England Hockey chief executive Sally Munday claimed that the innovative pitch was well received at London 2012.

"The aim going into the Olympics was twofold," she told insidethegames.

"Firstly to improve the spec experience.

"And secondly was to demonstrate the dynamism of the sport.

"It is evolving the whole time to keep up to date and the innovation worked.

"We had feedback from thousands of people who had a really positive experience during the Olympic Games.

"Feedback from television audiences also indicated that the bright yellow ball on the blue pitch helped to enhance the viewer experience.

"The same also said of the Investec World League semi-final in Chiswick where the blue Ds from the London 2012 pitch were used.

"It went down really well and audiences found the contrast made it much easier to follow the games."

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