By Tom Degun

European Lotteries - lowresMay 17 - The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has signed an agreement with The European Lotteries that will see the organisations working together to fight match-fixing and betting fraud.

The European Lotteries is the umbrella organisation of national lotteries across Europe and ICSS President Mohammed Hanzab (pictured top, right) said the agreement represents a crucial step in combating the problem.

"The ICSS recognises the significance and importance of protecting, promoting and maintaining the integrity of sport gambling," Hanzab said.

"This agreement will see our team of world-leading experts work with The European Lotteries to share information and techniques aimed at addressing the critical and evolving threat of match-fixing and betting fraud across Europe.

"With The European Lotteries, the ICSS can rely on the credibility of another highly respected partner in its network of international organisations."

The agreement will see the ICSS and The European Lotteries exchange of information, advice and expertise on matters of sport integrity and the prevention of sports betting fraud.

They will also collaborate on research projects and work together to distribute papers in key journals and publications.

"European Lotteries is the only association of betting operators to argue that match-fixing is probably the greatest threat to the integrity of sport," said European Lotteries President Friedrich Stickler (pictured top, left).

"Together with the ICSS we are setting concrete actions and commitments to fight match-fixing and fraud.

"With this collaboration we want to strengthen each other's responses and initiatives.

"As the historic partner of sport in the EU Member States, we are actually the strongest defenders of the integrity of sport and daily contribute to important initiatives like the one from ICSS."

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