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WBC beltMay 13 - World Boxing Council (WBC) President José Sulaimán has launched another stinging public attack on both the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Boxing Association (AIBA), in which he has threatened potential legal action against both.

The Mexican recently complained to IOC President Jacques Rogge the AIBA were looking to dominate all forms of boxing and called for them to be stopped.

The IOC responded to Sulaimán saying it was not an issue for them to get involved with before AIBA President C K Wu sent a letter reassuring the Olympic boxing community that there are no problems following the WBC complaint.

But Sulaimán has remained on the attack, saying the WBC never received a response from the IOC while he has continued his criticism of AIBA.

"The IOC President Mr Jacques Rogge has not answered my very respectful request to know if the IOC supports AIBA's attempts to impose monopoly, restraint of trade, and violation of the sovereignty of the nations by the exclusive rules being imposed on the sport of boxing by AIBA," said Sulaimán in a statement.

"The response allegedly sent by the IOC on April 12 is false, and no letter of response has actually been received by the WBC.

"The AIBA Preisdent, Mr Ching-Kuo Wu, sent to all its affiliated national federations a letter where he claims that the IOC President Mr Rogge recognises only AIBA and its absolute control over Olympic boxing, which would be a monopoly by having only professional boxers under contract with AIBA compete at the Olympic Games.

"Monopoly is a violation of the antitrust laws in most countries of the world.

"This restraint of trade would take away the same right and opportunities from boxers with the same qualifications as AIBA's boxers.

"The dictatorial imposition of AIBA's rules to be implemented to regulate the sport at the national federations is a violation of the sovereignty of each country and a lack of respect to all nations of the world and their sports ministers as well as to all boxing commissions."

José Sulaimán 2WBC President José Sulaimán has threatened both the IOC and AIBA with legal action

Sulaimán also claims to have documents which map out AIBA plans to dominate professional boxing where they will enter into a joint venture with Golden Boy Promotions, the world's leading boxing promotional agency headed by former six-weight world champion and Barcelona 1992 Olympic lightweight champion Oscar De La Hoya.

"In addition to all of the above, documents are in the hands of the WBC that show that AIBA is seeking 165 million Swiss Francs (£112 million/$177 million/€141 million) in an offer to about 12 franchises to finance AIBA to promote professional boxing in no more than eight specific countries," he said.

"The proposal openly states its monopolistic intent to leverage political power of AIBA as the governing body and sole access to the Olympic Games.

"The proposal allegedly presents Golden Boy Promotions as a joint venture and further a vendor of its ownership and endorsement of all its WBC and other world champions to AIBA, after which all WBC champions would have to step down from the WBC and join AIBA, getting away from the present professional boxing system.

"I met personally with the chief executive of Golden Boy, Mr Richard Schafer, who absolutely rejected any claim to having agreed to any deal with AIBA.

"The WBC would ask Mr Rogge to observe the for-profit AIBA, that would be based on wealthy investors, promoting in wealthy countries, while discriminating and seriously damaging the basis and foundations of world sports in third world and developing countries, where there is no or little professional boxing, which are most of the countries in the world."

Sulaimán concludes by once again calling for the IOC to intervene in the situation and threatens legal action if they do not.

World Series of Boxing involving British LionheartsThe professionalisation of Olympic boxing has continued in the third season of the WSB under the guidance of the International Boxing Association

"The WBC is respectfully, once again, asking the President of the IOC to respond if it is behind AIBA in all those actions," he said.

"It is the IOC and not AIBA which will accept or reject athletes participating at the Olympic Games.

"The WBC expects only amateurs to participate in them.

"If professionals will be accepted, we request the absolute respect to opportunities to all, regardless of institutions, race, religion or nationality.

"The WBC wants nothing else.

"If there is no answer, respectable Mr Rogge, the IOC and AIBA may together force legal proceedings not only from the WBC, but from those who feel damaged and all those who oppose monopoly in the world."

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