By James Crook

Logo universiade Trentino 2013April 12 - The Trentino 2013 Winter Universiade Organising Committee have decided to store snow that has recently fallen in the Northern Italian province under high-tech tarpaulins, which will ensure that it does not melt and can be used should snow be scarce this December.

The aim is for around half of the snow to be preserved by the tarpaulins so that it can be used if there is not a sufficient covering of snow when the event takes place between December 11 and December 21 this year.

Fulvio Rigotti, President of Trento Funivie, explained the idea, which was also used by the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and is currently being undertaken for Sochi 2014.

"We want to store about 25,000 cubic metres of snow, taking advantage of the abundance today" he told L'

"We hope it can keep nearly 50 percent for the start of next season, in which, remember, we will host the Universiade Snowboard Freestyle".

95794707Trentino hope to store 25,000 cubic metres of snow to ensure that there is sufficient snow coverage for the 2013 Universiade in December

Rigotti also explained how the idea is not only convenient, but is also cost-efficient.

"The cost varies depending on the cannons used, but the cost can be estimated at €3 (£2.50/$4) per cubic metre of snow produced artificially"

Using this logic, preserving 25,000 cubic metres of snow as opposed to artificially producing it would save €75,000 (£64,000/$100,000).

The snow will be covered by tarpaulin similar to those used to protect glaciers from melting due to the effects of global warming.

The sheets refract the sun's light, yet allow evaporation to prevent any water affecting the snow.

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