By Duncan Mackay

Paralympic Committee of India logoMarch 30 - The Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) was forced postpone its annual meeting after a court ordered it to be halted. 

Scuffles allegedly broke out after PCI President Sultan Ahmed told members that a Bangalore-based court had told him that it could not go ahead because of an internal dispute.

Ahmed told the meeting that he had received a notice from the lawyers of PCI general secretary Rathan Singh, along with a court order late on the eve of the meeting.

"The House unanimously agreed that since the suit/case has been instituted and the members being unaware of the orders (if any) passed by the concerned court, they do not want to take any chances on the notice issued by the lawyer conveying the above referred matter," the PCI said in a statement.

"Since the matter is sub-judice, the meeting should not be conducted and to be kept in abeyance till the actual facts are being ascertained."

The row reportedly centres around a dispute between the PCI and Singh after he allegedly stopped carrying out his duties and closed down his office in Bangalore. 

He has been replaced but taken legal action against the decision. 

Two years ago the PCI was suspended by the International Paralympic Committee after it was derecognised by the Government for reasons ranging from elections to financial irregularities.

It was later reinstated.

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