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Abhay Singh ChautalaFebruary 13 - The Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) are looking to remove the post of chairman currently occupied by the controversial Abhay Singh Chautala in a bid to see their suspension by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) lifted.

AIBA announced the suspension in December last year after International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for not holding their elections under the Olympic Charter in its election process.

AIBA's move to suspend the IABF was no major surprise given that Chautala, chairman of the IABF, was controversially elected IOA President in the move that caused their suspension from the Olympics due to the fact that the elections were not in keeping with the rules outlined in the Olympic Charter.

In the IABF elections last September, Chautala was ineligible to stand for re-election as President as the Indian Sports Ministry ruled that he could not serve three consecutive terms in the position.

But, despite the fact that Chautala did not stand for Presidency, leaving 29-year-old Abhishek Matoria to take the role, he was controversially nominated to the newly created post of chairman, essentially meaning that he retained control of the IABF.

The situation is made even more suspicious given Matoria is actually Chautala's brother-in-law.

The IABF have now approached AIBA with a draft constitution saying that they will scrap the role of chairman, meaning Chautala would no longer be involved in the organisation, in order to get the suspension lifted.

"We are trying to have a meeting with AIBA officials," an IABF spokesperson told PTI.

"Once the constitution is approved by AIBA, the process would be streamlined.

"This suspension is hurting us badly now because the boxers are right now aimless.

"We are trying to do everything in our capacity to convince AIBA."

mary-komMary Kom was the only Indian boxer to win a medal at the London 2012 Olympics as she took bronze in the women’s flyweight category

AIBA's ban was also imposed after the world governing body "learned about possible manipulation of the recent IABF's election" but they remain hopeful there will not have to be new elections if Chautala is removed.

"We are open to re-election but if we convince them that the September elections were fair, it would not be necessary," said the spokesperson.

"Re-election is needed only if it is proved beyond doubt that there was manipulation."

In the new draft constitution prepared by the IABF, rules and provisions of the AIBA Professional Boxing (APB) and the World Series of Boxing (WSB) have also been incorporated.

"Getting the constitution approved should not be a problem because it follows the AIBA statute completely," said the spokesperson.

The IABF have also urged the Sports Authority of India (SAI) not to get involved in the issue after they sent letters to AIBA over the issue seeking clarification on the matter.

"It is creating confusion, in fact trouble for us," added the IABF spokesperson.

"India is right now suspended and trying to bypass AIBA in such a situation is not a smart move at all.

"We have written to SAI asking them to stop these letters, they are doing more harm than any good.

"We request them not to complicate matters."

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