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Join In 1January 25 - Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron has backed independent charity Join In in their quest to get London 2012 Games Makers back involved in sport with figures showing a shortage of volunteers in local sport clubs across the country.

Set up to maximise the volunteering opportunities created by London 2012, Join In is looking to match local clubs and all potential volunteers and mobilise local communities to build on the success of last summer.

Surveys with Games Makers indicate that just 15 per cent of them currently volunteer with local clubs despite 82 per cent of them having an interest in sport while Join In's own survey shows that 74 per cent of sport clubs require more volunteers.

The aim in 2013 is for Join In to encourage clubs to host events and open days between July 27 and September 9 and ask Games Makers, as well as other potential volunteers, to turn up, join in and be part of it.

July 27 represents the first anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony while September 9 is the first anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympic Closing Ceremony.

"Of all the highlights of our 2012 summer of sport, the volunteers were perhaps the most memorable," said Cameron.

"People from up and down the country who gave their time and passion to put a smile on the nation's face.

"We all want to harness that spirit and ensure that what happened last summer is the beginning of a great volunteering legacy for our country.

"That's why I'm so proud that the Government is backing the work of Join In.

"Join In has already mobilised hundreds of thousands of people to get involved in their local sports clubs: the places where our sporting stars started out.

"I wish them every success with their even more ambitious plans for this summer as they ask the nation to join in once more."

Join In 2Join In are urging London 2012 Games Makers to volunteer again at their local sports clubs

In 2012, between the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Join In worked with local sport clubs to stage over 6,000 events across the UK, which saw 300,000 attendees and created over 30,000 new volunteers.

Games Makers will today receive an email from Join In patron Eddie Izzard urging them to dust off the purple and red and sign up, one year on, for a summer of local Games Making.

"Join In was born last summer against the backdrop of amazing Olympic and Paralympic Games and a hugely successful volunteer programme," said Join In chairman Sir Charles Allen.

"As a result of that and with a short run-up, we achieved great things.

"This year we need to continue the momentum - and Games Makers can help us do this."

Local sport clubs are invited to register by clicking here.

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