By Emily Goddard

gwangju 2015 volunteer training programme agreement 06-11-12November 7 - Gwangju 2015 has joined forces with more than 30 organisations to deliver its education programme for the 120,000 volunteers set to work on the Summer Universiade in three years' time.

The agreement brings together the Organising Committee with the City Office of Education, universities and volunteer centres to develop and support the education programme with materials, promotion, facilities, recruitment and instructors.

The training will provide the volunteers with the skills to help with the successful hosting of the event, as well as educating them to cope with unexpected circumstances onsite.

"The volunteer training programme will secure the needed manpower in advance and be the opportunity for citizens and youths to grow as global citizens with knowledge and competence," said a Gwangju 2015 official.

"These capabilities acquired through the preparation work will be the valuable capital for successful hosting of the event and Gwangju City."

Volunteer training is set to get underway in January 2013 and last until 2015, with the ultimate aim being to recruit and prepare 120,000 volunteers for the Universiade.

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