By David Gold

Sitting Volleyball_Times_SquareApril 22 - Members of the New York public have been treated to a demonstration (pictured) of the Paralympic sport of sitting volleyball in Times Square.

Marking the 100 day countdown to London 2012, the United States Olympic Committee's (USOC) Road to London celebration, was presented by sponsor Hilton Honors and Team USA, at the famous New York landmark.

Times Square was transformed into an Olympic Village, with a sitting volleyball demonstration put on by the United States women's team.

They performed on a sitting volleyball court alongside demonstrations from the US equestrian team, BMX riders and gymnasts. 

US Sitting Volleyball players Monique Burkland Ardmore, Heather Erickson, Katie Holloway, Brenda Jensen, Nichole Millage, Kari Miller, Nicky Nieves and Lora Webster participated in the demonstration sessions which took place throughout the day.

They were split into a red and blue team, the main two colours of the American flag, and competed in best of seven point games.

Miller and Holloway broke from the court to appear on the main stage at 2pm for a Paralympic spotlight.

Chris Vadala, USA Volleyball's chief operating officer, wrote on the organisation's website: "Today was a huge celebration 100 days out from the Olympics, and it will only get more exciting as we get closer to the Opening Ceremonies in London.

"In the meantime, I encourage all fans to back the various USA teams and athletes – not just volleyball and beach volleyball – as they are on a quest to represent us well in London."

The US sitting volleyball team qualified for London 2012 after taking silver at the World Championships in 2010.

Sitting Volleyball_Times_square_2_April_22
Since then the team have played 12 matches without defeat, with gold medal finishes at both the Parapam Am Zonal Championships and the ECVD Continental Cup in 2011.

Sitting volleyball began in the 1950s in the Netherlands, and today over 50 countries participate in the sport.

The object of the game is to land the ball in the other team's side of the court, with each team allowed three touches before they must knock it back into the opponent's half, as in Olympic volleyball.

As the sport's name suggests, the crucial difference to Olympic volleyball is that players must remain on the floor.

Games consist of five sets in which the first four are won by the first team to reach 25 or above with a two point margin.

If a fifth set is required, it is the first to 15.

Iran and China are the holders of the men's and women's sitting volleyball titles respectively.

This summer's sitting volleyball takes place at the ExCel Centre from August 30 to September 8.

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