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Rio 2016 Olympics Medal Table

United States 46 37 38
Great Britain 27 23 17
China 26 18 26
Russian Federation 19 18 19
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Rio 2016 Olympics Results

Men's basketball Basketball Basketball
21 Aug 2016 21:33
United States
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Rio 2016

Sambodromo venue for Rio 2016 reopens after major renovation

By Duncan Mackay

Sambodromo reopens_with_fun_runFebruary 13 - More than 1,000 athletes and Carnival revelers have taken part in a 5.5 kilometres race that marked the reopening of the Sambodromo, the stage of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival's samba school parades and venue for the archery events at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the start and finish for the Olympic marathon.