One Year To Go To Tokyo 2020

Collecting News

EDF Countdown Pin

EDF0017February 23 - The latest in the superb series of EDF Paralympic Countdown pins has been released. The 200 day to go pin continues the venues theme and shows the 'Pringle' shape of the velodrome.

New McDonald's Pin

February 13 - Last week, the Olympic volunteer programmer held it's first induction briefing for the first 10,000 Gamesmakers. The training of the volunteers is being carried out in part by McDonald's and there were reports of some McDonald's representatives wearing a silver pin.

Logo Pins

Pin 0451February 13 - There are a few logo pins around that, whilst they have been available for a while, have not been widely announced. We came across them this week and thought that they were a new issue, but have been reliably informed that they are not new. The confusion may have arisen as these are designed for the high volume market (supermarkets etc.) and are therefore not targeted at collectors.