altDWAIN CHAMBERS, the original face of London 2012, will be allowed to compete in the Norwich Union World Indoor Trials in Sheffield this weekend after the sport's chief executive backed down in is row with the drugs cheat.


UK Athletics said it was with "considerable reluctance" they had to take the decision 


UK Athletics chief executive Niels de Vos expressed his disappointment at the outcome of extensive legal deliberations, which have left the sport legally unable to refuse to offer Chambers a place at the Trials in Sheffield this weekend.


He said: “I believe that the BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative) scandal and the recent imprisonment of Marion Jones have significantly damaged the credibility of athletics as a sport.


"To maintain the public's full confidence in our athletes and in the sport in general we want to ensure beyond doubt that all athletes wishing to compete under the Union flag are drug-free. 


"Our view is that all established athletes must participate in the out-of-competition testing programme for a continuous 12 months prior to competing for GB. 


"Dwain is not in that position.


"However, we recognise that we do not have sufficiently strong legal grounds to refuse him an invitation given our published invitation policy.


"Reluctantly therefore, Dwain Chambers has been informed he is permitted to participate."


If Chambers win the 60 metres at the event in Sheffield under the rules of UK Athletics he will qualify automatically for the World Indoor Championships in Valencia next month. 


De Vos: "Subsequent decisions on selection for the World Indoors will be made in accordance with UKA's Selection Policy. 


"It is, of course, not possible to prejudge, on a hypothetical basis, the outcome of that process.


“UKA have recently announced a full review of policy on doping offenders to ensure that in future all athletes, coaches and supporters will be clear as to the full consequences for those found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs.”