altBADMINTON ENGLAND have launched a vision for the sport spanning the Olympics in Beijing and London and preparing England to be the number one playing nation in the world by 2016.


Launching a 100 point plan, Badminton England chief executive Adrian Christy announced the plans and explained the future for the sport.


He said: “The objective of the strategy is a simple one – to deliver success.


"Recent results at European and World level have demonstrated that we have a solid foundation to build from, and that building will begin by growing the game at grass roots level with a much greater focus on our club network.

“We will also be investing in coaches; making sure we have more and better coaches across all levels of the sport.


"And we will build our competition structure in such a way that it engages with and motivates beginners through to those achieving international success.

“The vision is one thing, but the real job starts now to deliver. I am looking for a genuine team approach, where everyone involved in the game plays a part in the success.


"It will only be achieved if we all work together and take a joined up approach, from Bottom to Top, to ensure our players have the right opportunities to inspire them to be the best they can be.

“I am very much looking forward to the wind of change being felt right through the game, from grass roots level through to our medal winners.”

The 100 Point Plan makes a commitment and undertaking to:

* Increase participation by getting more people playing more often
* Invest in education and present badminton as a viable option for teachers and pupils
* Consistently achieve world championship performances
* Create a network of well managed, forward thinking clubs
* Ensure greater access to badminton facilities
* Provide more coaches coaching more often
* Recruit the world’s best coaches capable of producing champions
* Introduce a competitive structure that supports players to be the best they can be
* Raise the profile and general awareness of the game so that it inspires and motivates people to get involved