By Duncan Mackay

Sheikh Ahmad_Al-Fahad_Al-Sabah_addresses_ANOC_Conference_Moscow_April_13_2012May 6 - A series of changes that could signifcantly shape the future of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) are due to be discussed tomorrow when the organisation's ruling Executive Council meets in Lausanne.

It will be their first meeting since Kuwait's Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah (pictured) was controversially elected as the new President at the General Assembly in Moscow last month.

He replaced Mario Vázquez Raña, who had resigned complaining that he had been the victim of a conspiracy, ending the Mexican billionaire's 37-year reign. 

The Council, which is made up of representatives from all five continental Olympic Committees, will hear more details of Sheikh Ahmad's vision, which he sketched out in Moscow, including making ANOC a more transparent organisation.

"It will be a new ANOC," said Gunilla Lindberg, the secretary general of ANOC, the members of the European Olympic Committees at its seminar in Budapest recently.

"There are lots of fresh ideas.

"We [ANOC] will be much more active and cooperation with the international federations will be much more professional."

Urgent items to be addressed, she promised, would include finding new offices and upgrading ANOC's website. 

A questionnaire is also set to be sent to all 204 members of ANOC to see what they want from the organisation, said Lindberg.

She said: "It is so we can have an ANOC that is working for all the NOCs (National Olympic Committees)."

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