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Anthony_Ogogo_in_Delhi_October_2010May 17 - British amateur boxing star Anthony Ogogo (pictured) has claimed the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) must reconsider the controversial ruling which will see GB performance director Rob McCracken banned from his fighters corners at all AIBA competitions, including the London 2012 Olympics, unless he gives up his links to professional boxing.

As exclusively revealed on insidethegames, the AIBA ruling which states that professional coaches like McCracken, who trains WBC middleweight champion Carl Froch, will be able to coach Britain's amateur boxers in the gym but not able to work in their corner during fights.

The ruling has been questioned by a number of high profile figures including International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board member Sir Craig Reedie, who is set to discuss the matter with AIBA President and fellow IOC member C K Wu this week.

Ogogo, one of British boxing's biggest London 2012 Olympic gold medal prospects after picking up silver at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games last October in the middleweight division, said that the ruling must be removed in order to avoid penalising the boxers.

"If the rule stands, it will be a massive blow for all of the GB boxers," Ogogo told insidethegames.

"Rob McCracken really is one of the best coaches on the planet so to not have him there with us in the heat of battle would be really tough for all of us.

"I know that the ruling is being contested and hopefully common sense prevails because to be honest, it does seem to me to be a very silly rule.

"AIBA have started this new World Series of Boxing (WSB) which is practically professional boxing with prize money and with no head guards and no vests so it seems strange to have that on one hand and then this professional coaches ban on the other.

"It almost seems like this is a rule put in place just to spite us but I don't know.

"The good thing is that we have a lot of fantastic coaches that will be able to go into the corner with us and they all really know their stuff.

"It is also good that Rob is in the gym with us because that is the main thing.

"We are learning all of our skills from him and that won't change before London 2012.

"Whatever happens, we will go into the ring at London 2012 with everything Rob as taught us in the gym and I'm sure if he isn't allowed in our corner by then, he will be sitting there in the front row cheering us on.

"But to not have him there in the corner with us would undoubtedly be a major, major blow."

Ogogo said that it is his goal to win gold at London 2012 before turning professional and becoming a sporting superstar like British Olympic medallists Amir Khan and James DeGale, currently rising stars on the professional circuit.

"My dream is to win gold at London 2012 then to turn professional and become a legend of the sport," said the 22-year-old from Lowestoft, who in January 2008 entered the reality series Big Brother where he finished in fourth place after three and a half weeks in the house (pictured).

"But first of all, it has to be gold in London 2012 and that is all I'm thinking about.

"I was devastated to only win silver at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi so to go one better in London is all I'm thinking about.

"I want an Olympic medal so much that if that if I don't make it in London, I might stay on to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

"It is the greatest prize out there and I am so motivated to get it."

Ogogo was speaking following a shoot of television advert for premium sports nutrition brand Maximuscle.

"Maximuscle products are extremely important to me because boxing all about getting down to the right weight and doing it safely," Ogogo said.

"The right nutrition is absolutely essential if you want to perform at your best in the ring and if I get that gold in London, Maximuscle products would have played a huge role getting me into the Olympic medal winning shape."

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