By Andrew Warshaw at Celtic Manor

Aaron_Ramsey_Wales_v_Russia_September_2009March 5 - The row over an all-British team for the 2012 Olympic football tournament escalated today when the Welsh insisted they would not allow the likes of Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey (pictured) to take part.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) wants players from all four Home Nations to be considered for the under-23 event that allows for three over-age players but Football Association of Wales (FAW) President Phil Pritchard said his country would never give ground.

"We are a country that would love to be in the Olympics in our own right," said Pritchard.

"We are a nation with our own identity.

"We would love to be part of the Olympic process, but as Wales."

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all anxious that they would lose their national identities within FIFA if they become part of a unified British team at next year's Games.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter insists this would not be the case.

"For the Olympic football tournaments, both men and women, FIFA have said the composition of the team will have no influence on existing privileges in terms of four individual members of FIFA," Blatter told reporters at a news conference here following today's meeting of the International FA Board (IFAB), the guardians of world football.

"It's very clear: if they play, there will be no sanctions."

But Patrick Nelson, chief executive of the Irish FA, said neither his association nor those of Scotland or Wales would budge.

"We made an agreement two years ago and we will not be reopening the debate", he said.

FA chairman David Bernstein was clearly frustrated and hoped the issue, which was again discussed by the four Home Associations round the table here would eventually be resolved amicably.

"We definitely want a team in the Olympics," Bernstein said.

"If it ends up being an English team so be it.

"If it was a team of all the talents - and there are clearly a number of non-English players who would be very eligible - I personally think that would be very attractive and different from a normal international team.

"We are caught between a rock and a hard place.

"We have the BOA to satisfy, we have the Home Countries to satisfy."

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