The Olympic rings will be placed on the Eiffel Tower. ArcelorMittal

France's iconic Eiffel Tower will showcase the Olympic rings on Friday 7 June marking 50 days before the competition begins. The 2024 Paris Games get underway on 26 July and run until 11 August.

A 95-foot long and 49-foot high steel structure of the five rings will adorn the iconic Paris landmark to mark the 50 days on Thursday before the Olympics start. Positioned on the south side, overlooking the Seine River in central Paris, it will be visible throughout the duration of the Summer Games.

More than 10,000 athletes are set to partake in the opening ceremonies, commencing with a parade along the Seine River through Paris. Spanning a 3.7-mile route, the procession will culminate with the opening ceremony at sunset on 26 July in the French capital.

The Eiffel Tower is anticipated to play a prominent role in the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Both sets of medals are projected to incorporate fragments of iron sourced from the iconic structure.

ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company, has recently conducted successful trials of the Olympic rings "Spectacular" at a private industrial site in eastern France.

The Olympic rings will be lit up by night on the Eiffel Tower. ArcelorMittal
The Olympic rings will be lit up by night on the Eiffel Tower. ArcelorMittal

"The manufacturing process began at ArcelorMittal’s Chateauneuf and Le Creusot plants where scrap steel was melted and pre-rolled, effectively giving that steel another life, they said in a statement. "The steel was then rolled at ArcelorMittal Dunkerque. Steel products were then delivered to a workshop near Epinal in the Vosges region, where steel plates were cut, bent and welded and then painted according to the necessary colour specifications.

"With a length of 29 metres and a height of 15 metres, the interlaced rings were raised to a height of 15 metres, testing the crane process that will be used to hoist the Spectacular into position on the Eiffel Tower.

"The sophisticated lighting scheme for the Spectacular, which enables them to appear in their five colours during the day and in bright white in the evening and at night, was then successfully tested."