Japanese speed skaters Miho Takagi, Ayaka Kikuchi, Ayano Sato and Nana Takagi pose for a photo. GETTY IMAGES. GETTY IMAGES

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines allow accredited athletes to post audio and video recordings of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) of up to two minutes per post.

The IOC has published its official Social and Digital Media Guidelines to allow athletes to share their Olympic Games experience on their personal digital accounts while protecting the rights of Media Rights Holders (MRHs). 

Athletes will be allowed to post photos and audio and video recordings of up to two minutes in length on their personal social media accounts, but will never be allowed to use live or artificial intelligence (AI) generated content. All posts must respect Olympic values and the privacy of others. They must not be "discriminatory or obscene."

This permission to post includes the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the celebrations in the Champions Park, the Olympic Village, the training venues and the the competition venues, in accordance with the rules published by the IOC. However, in the case of the competition venues, posting is only permitted up to one hour before the start of the event or after the athlete has left the mixed zone and the anti-doping control area. 

If an athlete wants to share photos, audio or video from the Olympic Village with other people on his or their social media, they must first obtain their consent, the IOC warns. "Restricted areas", such as medical zones, are excluded from any recording.

France's biathlon gold medallists Marie Dorin, Simon Desthieux, Anais Bescond and Martin Fourcade pose for a selfie. GETTY IMAGES
France's biathlon gold medallists Marie Dorin, Simon Desthieux, Anais Bescond and Martin Fourcade pose for a selfie. GETTY IMAGES

Photos can only be taken with the athlete's own phone. No commercial content may be included. However, athletes may express their gratitude to their sponsors without the inclusion of video or the promotion of products or services. Competitions, medal ceremonies or training sessions of third parties are excluded from any publication. 

"All other persons accredited to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, including coaches, technical staff, entourage members, team officials, volunteers, National Olympic Committee (NOC), International Federation (IF) or Organising Committee staff and other team personnel taking part in the Games, must comply with the IOC Social and Digital Media Guidelines for accredited persons other than Athletes participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games," the IOC said. 

The IOC has already set up a cyberbullying protection service. It reports in real time any offensive content directed at athletes on social media. There will also be a mental health area in the Olympic Village where specialist staff will provide support and counselling to athletes who are victims of cyberbullying.