The global relay was held for a second year to celebrate the countdown to Paris 2024 ©Paris 2024

A global relay to celebrate the 500 day countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics has been completed in Tahiti, which is set to host Olympic surfing next year.

Eighteen-year-old surfer Aelan Vaast took the Baton on her board to set the seal on a 24 hour relay organised as part of the Paris 2024 Terre de Jeux promotional programme.

The Baton had begun its journey in New Zealand as French Ambassador Laurence Beau took it along the waterfront in the capital Wellington.

Each stage of the relay had been scheduled for 9am local time, but in Dublin, the Samuel Beckett Bridge across the River Liffey had been illuminated with the French tricolor the night before in anticipation.

In Paris, Sports, Olympic and Paralympic Minister Amelia Oudéa-Castéra joined 40 runners at the start of their run along the banks of the River Seine.

French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna then symbolically handed the Baton on to Senegal, as Dakar is set to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2026.

In Budapest, rowing eights took the Baton along the River Danube and the relay also visited the Gustav Eiffel French school in the city.

Children in Stockholm took part in a tug of war in the snow to celebrate the passing of the relay.

In Brussels Olympic hockey gold medallist Thomas Briels joined children who braved the rain in the shadow of the Atomium to see the Baton pass.

Olympic hockey gold medallist Thomas Briels carried the Baton in Brussels ©Getty Images
Olympic hockey gold medallist Thomas Briels carried the Baton in Brussels ©Getty Images

Brisbane, host city in 2032 had passed the Baton to Seoul, where French ambassador Philippe Le Fort was given a demonstration of taekwondo at the Kukkiwon, the headquarters of the sport.

In the Philippines, basketball and Para-basketball players welcomed the Baton.

In Hong Kong, it was carried across the harbour on a dragon boat.

Runners also carried the Baton past the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, where Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo had received the Ceremonial Olympic Flag almost two years ago,

A similar global relay had been staged a year ago by Terre de Jeux.

In May, Paris 2024 organisers will announce details of the route to be taken by the Olympic Torch relay when it reaches France.

It has already been announced that the Flame will arrive by sea at the port of Marseilles.