The City of Ballarat is considering the establishment of a special department for Victoria 2026 ©Getty Images

The Ballarat Government is considering the implementation of a new organisational structure that is aimed at helping to stage the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Ballarat is one of five sub-site hosts alongside Geelong, Gippsland, Bendigo, and Melbourne.

"Today, I have informed staff and councillors of a proposed organisational realignment to further improve and plan for the future of service delivery for the City of Ballarat," said Evan King, chief executive of the City of Ballarat.

"This is particularly important with Ballarat being a host hub for the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games, the biggest sporting event in Ballarat's history.

"The Commonwealth Games presents opportunities to strengthen Ballarat's visitor economy, our capacity to host large numbers of visitors and major events, and to expand our skilled workforce."

The plan is to create an entirely new department for the Games that will report directly to the chief executive.

A total of five sub-committees would be a part of it with the aim of capitalising on the influx of tourism that will hit the area.

"The proposed realignment involves the creation of a specific directorate titled 'Economy, Experience and Commonwealth Games' that will group Ballarat's economic development, visitor economy, arts, events, experiences and attractions together," King continued.

The new department aims to boost Ballarat's economy by capitalising on the influx of people during the Games ©City of Ballarat
The new department aims to boost Ballarat's economy by capitalising on the influx of people during the Games ©City of Ballarat

"This will enable the teams to more effectively work with tourism and hospitality operators on reactivation, ongoing attraction and investment to Ballarat. 

"Prior to making a final decision on the proposed changes, the City of Ballarat is inviting staff to provide comments and suggestions on the proposed realignment.

"We will also consult with unions throughout this process.

"We will announce the final outcome to staff, councillors and the community on Monday February 20 2023.

"I am confident that this proposed structural realignment will deliver greater long-term benefits for our community and ensure the Commonwealth Games provides us with a lasting legacy.

"The proposed organisational realignment is outlined on the following page with changes highlighted in orange."

Victoria 2026 is set to take place from March 17 to 29 in three years' time with approximately 5,000 athletes from 75 nations expected to compete.