IBA secretary general George Yerolimpos, right, has confirmed that Kyrylo Shevchenko's leadership has been accepted ©IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has lifted its suspension of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine (FBU) and recognised the leadership of Kyrylo Shevchenko.

Shevchenko, who had previously been listed by Ukraine's Ministry of Justice as someone with the right to execute the governing body's legal acts, beat current IBA vice-president Volodymyr Prodyvus in an election at the FBU Congress.

Two separate Boards of Directors had been battling for leadership, but Shevchenko's panel has taken control and is now recognised by the IBA.

The IBA had cited Government interference as the reason for enforcing the suspension in September, but had legal representation present at an FBU meeting and concluded that the Presidency of Shevchenko was legitimate.

"We lifted the suspension," IBA secretary general George Yerolimpos told insidethegames of the development which took place at the IBA Board meeting in Abu Dhabi.

"We didn't recognise a different federation, we approved the minutes of their [FBU] Congress and the decision of their Congress.

"We had a lawyer dedicated from our legal department supervising all of the proceedings who made us a report which was positive and we didn't have any reason to keep them suspended as they fulfilled all of our requests.

"They followed the instructions of the IBA and the constitution.

"This is something that all of the National Federations must do."

The IBA secretary general has insisted that there is now attempt to push Volodymyr Prodyvus, pictured, out of the IBA ©Getty Images
The IBA secretary general has insisted that there is now attempt to push Volodymyr Prodyvus, pictured, out of the IBA ©Getty Images

Yerolimpos stated that the IBA has recognised Shevchenko's leadership "because this is the decision of their Congress."

The Greek official said the IBA does not want to interfere in the internal business of National Federations because then it is "interfering in their independency".

He confirmed that "the process took place according to the constitution and the rules of the IBA" which was what mattered to the global governing body.

Yerolimpos denied that recognising Prodyvus' rival was an attempt to push him out of the IBA.

"Mr Prodyvus was elected legally as a member of the IBA Board of Directors and then he was elected as vice-president of the Board," he continued.

"A question of him being replaced for any reason does not exist."

Prodyvus has been called a traitor to Ukraine for working with Russian Umar Kremlev, who is President of the IBA.

However, he has claimed that he did not vote for Kremlev's re-election but has agreed to work with him as "the rest of the world community has given him a credit of trust".

Prodyvus had held the FBU Presidency since 2008.

The IBA's decision to suspend the FBU was especially contentions as it is led by a Russian and Russia is at war with Ukraine.

It was a source of anger from some other nations, including the Irish Athletic Boxing Association, which condemned the suspension as "illegal".