Guinea has been accepted as a full member of the IESF ©Getty Images

The Guinean Federation of Esport and the Mauritius Esports Federation are the latest members to be accepted into the International Esports Federation (IESF), following the Ordinary General Meeting.

Guinea pled for support for its membership, stressing that the nation's athletes needed assistance from overseas and other bodies following last year’s coup d'état.

Military officer Mamady Doumbouya has been serving as interim President of the country since October 2021 after capturing power from the Government.

In a vote, 60 voted for and two against the membership application of Guinea.

Mauritius had its application successfully approved too, with 58 members voting for and none against.

Amendments were made to the IESF Statutes too, with 46 members out of 68 voting in favour of changes to the Membership Committee.

Three Board members are now to be elected by members at the General Meeting, with one also being appointed by the Board and another by the President.

These terms are to last three years.

Mauritius were accepted too, unanimously ©Getty Images
Mauritius were accepted too, unanimously ©Getty Images

One of the IESF Confederation representatives - from either Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Pan America - are to be given a seat on the Board too under the title of vice-president.

Previously, the Confederation representative could attend and speak at General Meetings, but did not have a vote.

A motion from the Russian Esports Federation passed with 93 per cent approval too, allowing members to submit motions onto the agenda as little as 15 days before the Ordinary General Meeting, reduced from 30.

Voting amendments have been made too, with those who have the feasibility to vote on matters choosing not to vote at all, will now be deemed as abstaining rather than a no vote.

When electronic voting is used on open ballots, the results of each vote will be archived in a file open for all voters to see each result.

In the case of a secret ballot, the voting figures will be available, but not who voted by nation.

Delegates at the IESF Ordinary General Meeting ©IESF
Delegates at the IESF Ordinary General Meeting ©IESF

IESF President Vlad Marinescu then celebrated what he suggested was the "first 100 per cent approval that I can think of" in a General Meeting vote, with members backing an amendment that would allow members to use a proxy to vote if they were unable to for technical reasons.

For secret ballots, those willing to vote in these situations would waive their right to anonymity.

A motion from the New Zealand Esports Federation to introduce an Audit and Risk Committee did not pass, with members from Norway saying they agreed with the suggestion, but the motion needed rewording.

The IESF said they are open to working with independent auditors too, but this issue was not resolved yet.

The Esports Federation of India also saw their motion rejected by a 21 to 34 margin, which would have removed National Federations being expulsed if a national sports authority recognised another esports organisation.