Alisher Usmanov has questioned the "validity and quality" of the investigation into him ©Getty Images

Stepped-aside International Fencing Federation (FIE) President Alisher Usmanov has issued a fresh denial after he was targeted by a German police raid and questioned the "validity and quality of the actions being taken."

The Uzbek-born Russian oligarch is being investigated for alleged tax evasion and breaches of European Union (EU) sanctions which were placed in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

German authorities have raided 24 properties linked to Usmanov in four states - Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg - with 250 officers involved in the operation.

"There has recently been a lot of false and scandalous coverage regarding the searches of the house in Tegernsee, incorrectly labelled as belonging to Alisher Usmanov," read a statement from Usmanov's press office.

"Mr Usmanov has also been accused of actions he has never committed without any evidence and often with reference to anonymous sources.

"Baseless and defamatory accusations are being made against a person who has always ensured the integrity and transparency of his wealth, as well as the thoroughness and accuracy of his tax payments."

It is claimed that Usmanov does not own any houses in Germany but they belong to family trusts and one in the Bavarian town of Tegernsee was rented to him at market price when he stayed there to undergo medical treatment.

Alisher Usmanov has been subject to an investigation by German police for alleged tax evasion and breaches of EU sanctions ©Getty Images
Alisher Usmanov has been subject to an investigation by German police for alleged tax evasion and breaches of EU sanctions ©Getty Images

Accusations that the 69-year-old paid for the security at the property from frozen assets, due to EU sanctions, were also denied.

"Mr Usmanov is stunned by the illegality of the actions being taken against him, and by the fact that the media is reporting empty and unsubstantiated allegations as though they are crimes that have been committed and proved," continued the statement.

"Instead of asking questions and getting answers in the normal manner and obtaining evidence of the legitimacy of the operations, accusations are being built on false statements and on invented documents of opportunists and blackmailers, which remarkably form the basis of the Munich and Frankfurt prosecutors' decisions.

"Making and spreading inaccurate rumours and speculations is just one instance of unjustified pressure and an attempt to create a media scandal against Mr Usmanov’s solid reputation.

"It is clear that the addition of more fabricated information only goes to add to the questions regarding the validity and quality of the actions being taken by the German law enforcement agencies."

Usmanov stood aside as FIE President in March, ending a 14-year reign, after the EU sanctions were enforced.

The full statement is available here.