A free breaking event is being staged in Paris prior to the sport's Olympic debut in the capital ©FISE

The Grand Paris Seine et Oise Urban Community (GPSEO) is hosting a breaking event today and tomorrow with a view toward the sport's Olympic debut in the French capital in two years' time.

The Val-de-Seine leisure centre is expecting to welcome hundreds of people from 1pm to 6pm local time for the "Breaking en Herbe" event. 

Participants will be able to learn about and practice breaking for free under expert supervision.

It is hoped the project will raise public awareness of the sport plus other aspects of hip-hop culture such as DJing and graffiti art.

It is led by the Voies de la Nouvelle Rue (VNR) Association which stages multiple breaking events around France.

The VNR Association has worked with GPSEO via the Doussaint Dance Centre and the town of Les Mureaux since 2019 as part of the local authority's continued drive to promote breaking.

Pascal Blaise Ondzie, who is directing the event, is on the France Dance Federation (FFD) Breaking Commission as a representative of the Centre and Île-de-France regions.

Breaking en Herbe has run from July 20 and has visited multiple leisure centres in the Île-de-France region, with the support of the regional council and the FFD.

Breaking at Paris 2024 is set to take place on August 9 and 10 at La Concorde, with women's and men's competitions on the Olympic programme.