The UCI has revealed a Cycling Integrity brand ©UCI

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has announced a Cycling Integrity programme, which the governing body says will focus on clean cycling, safe cycling and fair cycling.

The UCI said the programme will include both existing policies and those in development, to promote and enhance integrity at all levels.

"Integrity is one of sport's core values, upheld by the UCI," said David Lappartient, UCI President.

"It is our responsibility as an International Federation to promote sport's positive values and to play a leading role in defending them.

"We can project these values by inspiring men and women around the world, and we must make it our priority to champion them and ensure they are respected by our cycling community.

"Cycling Integrity is a further step forward in our fight for a fairer and more ethical sport and, more broadly, society."

The UCI said its efforts are centered on its Code of Ethics, preventive actions, education programmes and information and awareness campaigns.

The REVEAL platform, set up and managed by the International Testing Agency (ITA), will be the first promoted campaign by the UCI under the Cycling Integrity brand.

REVEAL is part of the clean cycling pillar, with the platform encouraging people to share information linked to suspected doping and alleged offences.

The ITA says the REVEAL platform allows for individuals to report in a completely anonymous and secure manner, while actively supporting the investigation of anti-doping rule violations or criminal behaviour.

The ITA also manages the UCI's anti-doping programme.

The REVEAL programme is being promoted as part of the Cycling Integrity launch ©UCI
The REVEAL programme is being promoted as part of the Cycling Integrity launch ©UCI

The UCI said as part of the safe cycling pillar it is working on policies and procedures that seek to protect individuals.

These will reportedly include a cycling protection policy and codes of conduct for both coaches and riders, developed in collaboration with stakeholders.

A secure whistleblowing platform where any behaviour that undermines the integrity of people in sport can be reported, has also been promised.

Technological fraud and sports betting are among focuses of the fair cycling pillar.

The UCI said it has introduced an effective and constantly evolving series of measures to fight technological fraud, and takes part in the International Olympic Committee's Integrity Betting Intelligence System.

"It is up to every member of the cycling family to promote and defend integrity," said Amina Lanaya, UCI director general.

"We can all play a role in ensuring respect and fair play in our sport.

"With our Cycling Integrity programme, we aim to make all our sport's stakeholders aware of the need for cycling to be safe, clean and fair.

"We also want to encourage everyone, including witnesses, to use the tools made available by the UCI to report any of their concerns that the integrity of individuals or competitions has been compromised."