A modified version of PUBG Mobile that is less violent will feature at the 2022 Asian Games ©Getty Images

PUBG Mobile will have a new version different from the original to avoid the exposure of excessive violence for when it makes its debut at the Asian Games in Hangzhou this year. 

The battle royal experience that PUBG is known for will possibly be removed at the Asian Games as it can trigger aggressive thoughts and behaviour that can eventually damage the peace between nations at the Asian Games.  

Last year, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach mentioned esports are too violent and would go against the "Olympic values".

"We have a clear red line that we do not want to deal with any game which is contrary to the Olympic values," Bach said. 

"Any game where violence is glorified or accepted, where you have any kind of discrimination they have nothing to do with the Olympic values."

Players will not be allowed to shoot each other but PUBG has recently released version 1.9 with lots of new content, including a shooting range where players can practice to earn points based on precision. 

The Asian Games might have a similar version, offering a competitive experience to the players while avoiding interpersonal shooting. 

"In accordance with the sportsmanship and the Olympics vision, the PUBG Mobile Asian Games version will integrate the iconic gameplay of PUBG Mobile and real-sport game experience, which we hope will bring the most unique excitement for our audience," developer Tencent told Dot Esports

A separate Asian Games version is also being developed for Arena of Valor ©Getty Images
A separate Asian Games version is also being developed for Arena of Valor ©Getty Images

Other titles include FIFA, Arena of Valor, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, Hearthstone and Street Fighter V. 

Arena of Valor, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Street Fighter V feature violent content and could be altered for the Games. 

Located close to the Pacific Ocean in Eastern China, Hangzhou is set to host the 2022 Asian Games between September 10 and 25 this year. 

Another IOC-sanctioned esports competition will be taking place at the 2021 Southeast Asian Games scheduled to take place from May 13 to 21 in Vietnam.

PUBG Mobile is set to be joined by seven other titles and nothing has been announced on potential adjustments or changes to these titles.