A Social Council of Sport has been formed in Poland and will advise the country's the Ministry of Sport and Tourism ©Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism

Polish Teqball Federation vice-president Kajetan Listkiewicz has been appointed to a newly formed Social Council of Sport in Poland, which will advise the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Listkiewicz was one of 30 officials appointed to the body formed last month.

He has been credited with overseeing the development of the sport in the nation, including driving its addition to the programme for the 2023 European Games in Kraków and Małopolska.

"I am delighted to join Poland’s Social Council of Sport and I am excited to bring my experience, particularly my experience from teqball, and help shape the future of sport in Poland," Listkiewicz said.

"I truly believe teqball will be a big part of our country’s sporting future, and I will continue to make the sport more accessible for people across the country."

Polish Sports Minister Kamil Bortniczuk revealed the nation is seeking to enjoy success at major sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, European Games and European Championships.

The advisory Council’s role will also ensure younger people are also engaged in sport.

"We want Polish sport to be successful - the most visible in the form of Olympic medals, world and European championships, but also those at the base of the training pyramid," Bortniczuk said.

"We want to be effective in promoting sport in society and facing the problems of civilization, which are so visible in the context of physical activity of young people."

The Council are expected to offer opinions and take positions to guide decision making in sport.

This will include supporting sport for people with disabilities.

The first meeting reportedly saw discussions centre on engaging young people, including digitisation in sport and esport.

Discussions on esports focused on a model of competition, potential threats and opportunities, including the enhancing generational connections.

The Social Sports Council’s role as a platform to connect athletes with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism was also discussed, as well as ways to supporting athletes in their post sport careers.