Poland is to host teqball at the 2023 European Games ©FITEQ

The President of the Polish Olympic Committee (POC) Andrzej Kraśnicki has expressed his hopes for the Kraków 2023 European Games to propel the sports movement towards a European Para Games.

Speaking exclusively to insidethegames at the Teqball World Championships in Gliwice, Kraśnicki stated he was excited for the introduction of teqball at the Games, as well as the future of Para sport.

"Maybe after the European Games, we can have a European Para Games," he said.

"I spoke about this with the President of the Polish Paralympic Committee (Łukasz Szeliga) and maybe there will be interest.

"The problem is for us and any other organisation is: money, money, money."

The European Para Games has yet to be implemented, despite the European Para Youth Games existing since 2011.

The European Games were first held in 2015 in Belarus' capital Minsk.

Teqball is to debut at the European Games in 2023 and the POC President stated how impressed he was by the sport.

"I had the opportunity to see this sport and I received information about how dynamic it was and when I had a chance to see this sport, it was fantastic," added Kraśnicki.

"In a short time they are in a very good position and I am very happy to see the World Championships here in Gliwice.

The Teqball World Championships were held in Gliwice last week ©FITEQ
The Teqball World Championships were held in Gliwice last week ©FITEQ

"We are organising the 2023 European Games and on that programme will be teqball.

"I hope by that time teqball will have fantastic players in the Olympic Movement.

"It's very important to have it as part of the Olympic programme."

Poland claimed won one silver and one bronze medal at the Teqball World Championships and the Polish Teqball Association are top of the International Teqball Federation's National Federation evaluation table.

There are over 1,000 players in the country, which is also played in approximately 15 per cent of schools.

Kraśnicki hopes that those numbers continue to grow following the European Games.

"When we speak about teqball, I hope our fans will find it an interesting sport," added Kraśnicki.

"We will plan to show Polish fans what is teqball. 

"We plan to make a place for teqball in the centre of a big city, somewhere like Krakow, Katowice or maybe Gliwice.

"It is very important that in 2023, maybe we will not have a pandemic and we can have fans, I hope that this situation improves."

The 2023 European Games are scheduled to take place from June 21 to July 2.