Denmark's NOC has partnered with Danske Spil ©Getty Images

Danske Spil, Denmark's national lottery, has become a partner of the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) and is to support the inaugural "DM Week" in 2022.

Danske Spil will also sponsor the DIF's Sports Association of the Year award.

The DIF said the collaboration agreement - signed in time for Danske Spil's contribution to benefit athletes heading to the Beijing 2022 Olympics - is worth DKK1 million (£113,000/$155,000/€134,000).

It runs until February 2023 and will also benefit grassroots projects, it is claimed. 

"We are very proud of our new partnership agreement with Danske Spil, because it contains the two legs that DIF stands on - the broad and elite sports leg," said DIF President Hans Natorp.

Cycling is among the sports hoped to feature in DM Week ©Getty Images
Cycling is among the sports hoped to feature in DM Week ©Getty Images

"For example, Danske Spil will be a partner at the DM week, where we will hold a folk festival in the spirit of elite sports in Aalborg. ”says Hans Natorp, who is chairman of DIF, and continues:

"Together, we must also nominate Sports Association of the Year and pay tribute to the Danes who do not win medals, but just love to play sports. 

"We see great potential with the partnership."

DM Week, which promises to feature prominently in DIF-Danske Spil collaborative efforts, is a series of National Championships held in quick succession.

It's first edition was due to be held in Aalborg in 2021 to coincide with the DIF's 125th anniversary, but instead was bushed back to 2022 because of the coronavirus crisis.