The APC is working with the IBSA to increase the number of classifiers for visually impaired sport ©APC

The Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) and the International Blind Sport Federation (IBSA) are holding a course designed to increase the number of national classifiers in visually impaired sport.

According to the APC, more than 20 ophthalmologists and optometrists from across the region will participate in the online course, being held throughout this month.

The programme for the first part of the course consists of four theory sessions and attendees must pass a test to progress to the next level.

The second part will involve practical experience as a trainee, where participants will attend appointed visually impaired international classification opportunities when the COVID-19 pandemic situation allows.

Those who complete both elements of the programme will receive the IBSA diploma, which will enable them to classify visually impaired athletes in sports such as judo, football and goalball at a national level.

The national classifiers will work with athletes in sports including goalball ©Getty Images
The national classifiers will work with athletes in sports including goalball ©Getty Images

"We’re delighted that to join with IBSA to promote this course," said APC President Majid Rashed.

"If the Paralympic Movement in Asia is to grow and meet its full potential, then we need to increase the number of national classifiers. 

"This course and the great response to it is a very positive step in the right direction and we are really pleased to work with IBSA on this."

IBSA President Jannie Hammershoi also welcomed the partnership with the APC.

"Demand for this course has been so high that we are offering two sessions, which is great to see," said Hammershoi.

"IBSA remains committed to being a world leader in classification for athletes with visual impairments. 

"By offering these sessions online we are now able to reach many more people, making the expertise of our leading classifiers more accessible and creating greater awareness of this fascinating and rapidly evolving area."