World Athletics has launched the #WeGrowAthletics campaign ©World Athletics

World Athletics has launched the "#WeGrowAthletics" campaign to help the sport achieve gender equality. 

The launch of the campaign coincides with International Women's Day, held on March 8 each year. 

As part of the launch, World Athletics is making a number of pledges to further advance the role of girls and women in the sport in three core areas.

The first is the empowerment of women in leadership positions. 

World Athletics will continue its work to grow the number of women in leadership positions across the sport and remains committed to its Council being gender balanced by 2027, it insists. 

The first step towards this goal was taken in 2019 with the appointment of the governing body's first female vice-president, a voting female and male athlete on its Council and increased female representation on the Council to 30 per cent.

The second pledge is to review age-old traditions around the presentation of women’s performances and achievements, including those that involve unconscious bias. 

World Athletics has already committed to ending the 2022 World Championships in Oregon with a women's event. 

Finally, World Athletics has pledged to ensure a platform for women's voices and tackle online abuse, working with social media platforms to eliminate and remove sexist, racist and other inappropriate comments and posts in order to make these platforms safe places for women to share stories.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe claimed his sport had
World Athletics President Sebastian Coe claimed his sport had "led the way in gender equality" ©Getty Images

The three pledges were devised after an internal review across World Athletics' departments to identify areas in which progress can be made. 

All digital platforms will feature a new version of the World Athletics logo, inspired by the colours of the suffragette movement, from today until Sunday (March 14).

All channels will feature content that celebrates stories of women in athletics, told and illustrated by women. 

There will also be a specially designed emoji running alongside the #WeGrowAthletics hashtag on Twitter.

"Gender equality should no longer be a theoretical discussion in any organisation," said World Athletics President Sebastian Coe. 

"We should all be taking action by identifying barriers, reviewing our policies and practices and creating clear pathways for women to rise, contribute and participate at all levels. 

"Athletics has historically led the way in gender equality since the beginning of the professional sport era in the 1980s with an equal programme of events and prize money for both women and men. 

"We want the strides we have made in our sport, thanks in most part to trailblazing women on and off the field of play, to inspire others.

"We have much more to do but I am confident these pledges, together with those of our partners and stakeholders, will allow more women to hurdle historically established barriers on the way to greater gender equality."