A team from the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee will take part in a virtual marathon ©TTOC

A team from the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) are set to take part in a virtual marathon event to raise funds for the #10Golds24 campaign.

TTOC President Brian Lewis and his team will participate in the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon, set to be staged virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

They will begin from the traditional start point of St Mary's Junction in Freeport on Sunday (January 24) and will complete the 26.2 mile course to Queens Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain. 

It will be the seventh time a TTOC team complete the marathon event. 

It is hoped the activity will promote the #10Golds24 athlete welfare and preparation fund, which is designed to aid the TTOC's target of winning 10 or more Olympic gold medals by Paris 2024. 

According to Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, Lewis said it was important to raise awareness of #10Golds24 despite the continued uncertainty surrounding the staging of the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.  

"We felt it was really important to continue, notwithstanding the challenges of COVID-19, to do the marathon walk," he said. 

"Notwithstanding the unpredictability and the uncertainty now, with the new COVID-19 variant creating significant challenges, the reality is that our athletes who have already qualified and those who aspire to qualify, have to continue training and preparing and it is very important for us to continue to support them." 

The TTOC's #10Golds24 campaign will be promoted during the marathon ©TTOC
The TTOC's #10Golds24 campaign will be promoted during the marathon ©TTOC

The event is also being used to mark the 75th anniversary of the creation of TTOC. 

Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon chair Diane Henderson has provided runners with four distances to complete virtually instead of an in-person event. 

Participants have until Sunday to complete either a five kilometre run, a half marathon, a full marathon or a 35 mile ultra challenge. 

Lewis confirmed the TTOC would be sticking to strict protocols when completing their marathon attempt. 

"We will be putting in place all the procedures required," he said. 

"We have to wear our mask, maintain a certain distance, the support team will have gloves. 

"We will make every effort to make sure that the participation of Team TTO in the marathon and the marathon walk this year will be in accord with the COVID-19 guidelines with an emphasis on safety, but it is important, our athletes need the support, COVID-19 or no COVID-19."