The International Paralympic Committee's next General Assembly is due to be held in December 2021 ©Getty Images

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has launched a search to find a host city for next year’s General Assembly.

The meeting is scheduled to take place from December 11 to 12 in 2021, with 500 people representing National Paralympic Committees, International Federations and other international or regional organisations of sport for the disabled expected to attend.

Mike Peters, chief executive of the IPC, is "optimistic" the General Assembly can be an in-person event and believes it will have "extra significance" due to proposals for a new constitution due to be voted on.

Members attending are also expected to be asked to elect a new IPC Governing Board and discuss and sign-off various other policies and procedures.

In addition to elections for the roles of President, vice-president and 10 Board posts, the IPC said "a series of other activities" would take place in the chosen host city.

The 2021 Para Sport Awards are expected to be held along with a two-day Membership Information Conference from December 9 to 10.

The IPC Governing Board is also due to meet from December 7 to 8.

Next year's elections could see candidates stand against Andrew Parsons for the IPC Presidency ©Getty Images
Next year's elections could see candidates stand against Andrew Parsons for the IPC Presidency ©Getty Images

"The 2021 IPC General Assembly will have extra significance as it will not only involve all important Governing Board elections but approval for a new IPC constitution will be sought following two years of consultation with IPC members on the IPC’s governance structures and practices," Peters said.

"With elections taking place and around 500 people set to attend, interest in the General Assembly is expected to be high while the economic impact of seven days of meetings and side events will be significant.

"We are optimistic that, despite the pandemic, the meeting will be held in person at roughly the halfway point between the Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games.

"We look forward to seeing the interest from potential host cities over the coming months."

The last IPC General Assembly was held in 2019 in Bonn in Germany.

This year's Extraordinary General Assembly and Membership Gathering was cancelled because of the global health crisis.

Andrew Parsons has been President of the IPC since elections were last held in 2017 in United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi.