The NOCZ Athletes' Commission discussed important issues at a roundtable talk ©NOCZ

The National Olympic Committee of Zambia's (NOCZ) Athletes' Commission has hosted a roundtable talk at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) - Sports Development Centre, allowing athletes to share the challenges they face in their sports.

This discussion brought together athletes from a variety of sports including basketball, tennis, judo and boxing.

One of the main issues spoken about was the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on athletes.

Some of these athletes shared how they have been limited in their training due to travel and social restrictions caused by the virus.

Sporting facilities had limited access in Zambia due to a partial lockdown in the country.

Some have missed international competitions this year that have been cancelled or postponed too.

NOCZ Athletes' Commission chairperson Suwilanji Mpondela led the discussion and mentioned the statistical performance of Zambia at international tournaments, stressing the importance of the Athletes' Commission for the nation's athletes.

Athletes called for improvements in sports facilities and better maintenance to enhance the performance of the country's best prospects.

Mpondela then took the opportunity to remind athletes of the dangers of doping, promoting clean sport and after the event, she described the roundtable as a success.

In her recognitions, she gave special thanks to the Zambia University Sports Association for being present at the event.

She also pledged to see the views raised in the discussion being brought forward to stakeholders.

Other projects that NOCZ has taken part in in recent months include promoting environmentalism as part of World Cleanup Day as well as hosting an administration course for the Zambia Basketball Federation.