FITEQ has confirmed the qualification and quota processes for their World Championships ©FITEQ

International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) has announced the qualification and quota processes for the Teqball World Championships, which came into force on September 1.

FITEQ say the new system has been designed to ensure fair representation of athletes and nations at the World Championships.

Two different quotas have been introduced.

Individual quotas will apply to athletes competing in the singles event, while team quotas will be in place for doubles and mixed doubles competition.

FITEQ say qualification can be obtained by competing at a national qualifier event or event series, which meet the governing body’s minimum organisational requirements.

The events must be organised no later than 30 days ahead of the Teqball World Championships.

FITEQ member federations should be the primary organisers of these national qualifiers, although prospective member National Federations or hosts associated with well-established clubs can oversee the competitions.

Budapest hosted last year's World Championships ©ITG
Budapest hosted last year's World Championships ©ITG

In nations where there are none of the above-mentioned stakeholders, FITEQ says it reserves the right to invite athletes from these nations to compete in the Teqball World Championships.

Nations that do not meet the qualification requirements lose their automatic right to participate at the World Championships.

Nations that do meet the requirements are entitled to one entrant into the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles event.

Last year’s Teqball World Championships were held in Budapest, with around 160 athletes representing 58 countries across singles, doubles and mixed doubles events.

The full qualification process can be accessed here Qualification and quota system 1.0 (1).pdf