FIBA's 3x3 rankings will be frozen until April 1 ©Getty Images

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has announced all 3x3 rankings will remain unchanged until at least April 1 in 2021, with the intention to avoid disrupting Olympic eligibility and qualification to next year’s competitions.

All FIBA 3x3 rankings have been frozen since April 1, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

FIBA has decided to maintain the freeze due to some players, teams and federations being unable to participate in official competitions or activities in their countries.

The governing body said the continued freeze will enable the current highest-ranked federations to still qualify for competitions next year and allow the top 3x3 players and teams to secure spots in the professional circuit in 2021.

The freeze will also allow the top 3x3 players to remain eligible to compete at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

FIBA says federations, teams and players who are able to successfully return to the court now will be rewarded as soon as the freezing of the ranking is lifted.

FIBA says the freeze will avoid disrupting Olympic eligibility ©Getty Images
FIBA says the freeze will avoid disrupting Olympic eligibility ©Getty Images

FIBA added that there will be three different periods where rankings calculations will differ.

Until March 31 2021, the rankings are full frozen and identical to thoes of April 1 2020.

From April 1 to September 30 in 2021, all players will benefit from the ranking points earned in the last 12 months as normal, but players will also benefit from a 12-month extension for the ranking points earned before the freezing of the ranking on April 1 in 2020.

Rankings will be calculated as normal, based on the last 12 months, from October 1 2021.