World Lacrosse has announced a mental health partnership with BelievePlatform ©Getty Images

World Lacrosse has announced a partnership with BelievePlatform, which offers performance psychology, well-being and mental health content for the sports community.

The deal will provide tools and resources for lacrosse athletes, coaches and administrators worldwide.

Content will be provided in four specific areas – mental fitness training plans, mental health videos, mental health info-graphics and mental fitness online courses.

"Mental health is a critical topic that needs to be addressed," said Dr. Karen Sutton, World Lacrosse's chief medical officer.

"Our partnership with BelievePerform provides practical skills and resources for our World Lacrosse athletes during a time when anxiety is prevalent. 

"It is vital to the health of our athletes."

World Lacrosse member nations will have access to the BelivePerform content at no cost through a portal on the governing body's website.

It is hoped that thousands of people involved in the sport will be reached from next month.

Mental health has been of increased importance during the coronavirus pandemic ©World Lacrosse
Mental health has been of increased importance during the coronavirus pandemic ©World Lacrosse

"BelievePerform offers a vast pool of sports psychology resources that our team can call upon to help increase awareness and support for the well-being of our athletes, coaches and officials," said Don Blacklock, World Lacrosse's technical director. 

"The content is professionally developed, well-presented and will greatly assist World Lacrosse's efforts to play a major part in helping the lacrosse family emphasise the importance of mental fitness."

BelievePerform managing director Adam Morris added: "We are proud to have partnered with World Lacrosse to provide online educational mental health and well-being support to their sport community.

"Partnering with World Lacrosse will provide us with a great opportunity to reach more athletes and coaches across the globe to not only build positive mental health habits but to also reduce the stigma attached to mental health in sport. 

"This is a proud moment for us, and we are looking forward to building a strong partnership to keep supporting and helping people to improve their mental well-being."