Tristen Chernove is set to begin a 1,000km charity bike ride ©canadahelps

Paralympic champion Tristen Chernove is aiming to achieve a record time for the BC Epic 1,000 to raise money for the Paralympic Foundation of Canada.

The 1,000 kilometre off-road event takes place in British Columbia, with the route beginning in the town of Fernie and ending in Merritt.

The current westbound record for the route is three days, 15 hours and 33 minutes.

Chernove, who is aiming to become the first para-cyclist to complete the event, has announced his intention to finish within three days.

The 45-year-old said he had been looking to set himself a challenge following the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and hopes to raise money for the Paralympic Foundation of Canada.

"I do my best as far as performing as an athlete when I have difficult challenges to rise to and this to me looked like something that would challenge me on many levels," Chernove said.

"This is providing something else for me to focus on and push myself in a different way.

"I really wanted to do something where I could see how my sport efforts are about something more than just myself.

"I want to help organisations like the Paralympic Foundation of Canada provide opportunities for other athletes like the opportunity that has been provided to me.

"It’s been so instrumental in the quality of life that I live and the happiness I get from being able to be involved in sport, so it just absolutely made sense to me to do anything I could to help create new avenues and support existing avenues for individuals who might not ordinarily see themselves being able to access an athletic lifestyle."

Tristen Chernove has won three Paralympic medals during his career ©Getty Images
Tristen Chernove has won three Paralympic medals during his career ©Getty Images

The Paralympic Foundation of Canada aims to raise funds to provide more opportunities for Canadians with a disability to be active in sport.

Chernove plans to start the ride on July 18, although the exact date will be finalised based on weather forecasts.

Canadian Tire Corporation, Pfizer Canada, Old Spice and Petro-Canada have pledged to donate CAD$5,000 (£2,910/$3,670/€3,250) to the fundraising effort.

Chernove’s progress can be followed here.

The Canadian has been the dominant cyclist in the men’s C2 category in recent years, having won time trial gold at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

He also secured silver and bronze medals at the Games, as well as earning 13 world titles during his career.

The fundraising page can be accessed here