Bianca Williams has accused the Metropolitan Police of institutionalised racism after a stop and search ©Getty Images

Black British sprinter Bianca Williams has accused the Metropolitan Police in London of institutional racism and violence following a traffic stop with her partner.

Williams, along with Portugal's 400 metres national record holder Ricardo dos Santos, was stopped by the police and searched.

It was alleged that they were stopped for driving on the wrong side of the road and the pair were handcuffed but not charged.

Williams, who was part of Britain's 4x100 metres relay team which won gold at the European Championships in 2018, videoed part of the ordeal which showed police removing Dos Santos from the car to search him, with officers asking her to get out of the car to be searched too.

The couple had their baby in the car with them at the time.

On social media, Williams said that the couple have been stopped around 15 times in the past two years by police.

"It's a really sad world that we live in and if it's not one black man, it's another black man," she said to BBC Radio 5 Live.

"My heart just hurts.

"It was just weird that we were treated that way and what hurt me the most was me being dragged away from my son."

Twenty-six-year-old Williams suggested that Dos Santos was pulled over for driving a Mercedes, while police have said they were stopped for driving on the wrong side of the road and speeding away when asked to stop.

A police statement said: "Officers from the Directorate of Professional Standards have reviewed both footage from social media, and the body-worn video of the officers, and are satisfied that there is no concern around the officers' conduct."

Williams has denied that the couple drove away and said they were "really shaken" by the incident.

She added: "We didn't want to get out of the car because of how their behaviour was, they had batons ready and it is very scary, you worry about your life when the police are acting that way, we had a baby in the car.

"My partner got dragged out of the car, they handcuffed him straight away and pinned him up against the wall.

"I didn't want to be separated from my three-month-old son and they then put me in handcuffs straight away too.

"It's just nasty and the police were talking to him [Dos Santos] as if he was scum, as if his life didn't matter."

British Athletics released a statement about the incident, saying: "We are aware of the hugely distressing footage of Bianca Williams and her partner being handcuffed by the police outside their home yesterday. 

"Our staff have been in touch with her and will be on hand for any support required."

Barcelona 1992 Olympic 100m champion Linford Christie, the coach of both athletes, raised the issue on social media and accused the police of institutionalised racism. 

Williams added in an interview with The Times: "It's always the same thing with Ricardo, they think he's driving a stolen vehicle, or he's been smoking cannabis – it's racial profiling."