Blind football coaching clinics have been held across Zimbabwe ©IBSA

The Zimbabwe National Paralympic Committee (ZNPC) has reached its goal of bringing blind football to all 10 provinces in the country.

Blind football clinics have taken place in Midlands and Mashonaland Central, the final two provinces where the sport had not yet been successfully implemented.

The last two clinics included coaching and training sessions, as well as school visits.

The ZNPC began introducing blind football to people in the country in 2018.

The International Blind Sports Federation claim Zimbabwe is now the hub for the sport in Southern Africa.

The ZNPC first introduced blind football in 2018 ©IBSA
The ZNPC first introduced blind football in 2018 ©IBSA

The ZNPC is hoping to build on the momentum generated by the clinics by holding regional coaching events for men, women and youth across the country and inviting participants from other nations once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

"I was not that active when I lost my sight," said Valentine Mpofu, a member of the blind football team at the Copota School for the Blind.

"I was introduced to blind football in 2019 and I was very happy as a person who used to play football. 

"Football is my passion.

"It is like it's in my blood. 

"When I am emotionally disturbed, blind football can wipe away all the stresses. 

"When I am on the pitch, I enjoy a lot and forget everything else."