The World Women's Snooker Championship has been postponed ©WWS

The 2020 World Women's Snooker Championship in Bangkok has been postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Competition was due to take place at Bangkok's Hi-End Snooker Club between June 22 and 27.

Organisers have now announced that they hope to instead hold the competition "later this year".

"The safety of our players is our paramount consideration and therefore it has been decided that this step is a necessary one to minimise risk and provide certainty to everybody involved with the tournament," a statement said.

"Although there are still almost three months between now and the scheduled staging of the event, both parties are also mindful that it is extremely difficult for players and officials to make travel arrangements and potentially incur non-refundable costs at this uncertain time.

Reanne Evans is the reigning women's world champion ©Getty Images
Reanne Evans is the reigning women's world champion ©Getty Images

"As was the case with the Festival of Women's Snooker which we had previously postponed, as an international event, World Women's Snooker (WWS) further does not consider it to be fair to proceed with its showpiece tournament at a time when potentially a significant number of players from around the world may not be able to travel.

"WWS remains committed to returning to the wonderful Hi-End Snooker Club for this year's World Women's Championship at a later date and is grateful to Hi-End and the Billiard Sports Association of Thailand for their continued support of women’s snooker." 

England's Reanne Evans is the reigning world women's snooker champion, having won the tournament for the 12th time in Bangkok last year.

The World Snooker Championship in English city Sheffield had already been postponed from its traditional slot in April and May.