The Guam National Olympic Committee joined forces with  the Guam Department of Education to help deliver the first Athlete Awareness Programme ©GNOC

The Guam National Olympic Committee have partnered with the Guam Department of Education (GDOE) to roll out a series of classes, aimed at embracing the whole athlete and helping coaches develop an understanding of a balanced student-athlete.

The first Athlete Awareness Programme session is part of a year-round collaboration between the two organisations.

The four-hour session involved more than 120 coaches and athletes from middle- and high-school levels.

"The presentation was a preview of the program we will be working with our student athletes in-school," said GNOC sport development and compliance officer Joey Miranda III.

"Our intention is to deliver the programme to all students in the middle and high schools competing in the ISA programmes."

The first session was viewed as a major success by mentors and attendees ©GNOC
The first session was viewed as a major success by mentors and attendees ©GNOC

A total of 10 presenters covered a variety of topics.

Dr Arania Adolphson and Dr Mark Anderson dealt with concussion protocol and awareness, with Dr Chris Fernandez and Dr Ryan Claros presenting on youth development and load management for the adolescent.

Prevention of anterior cruciate ligament injury was broached by Dr Jordan Tingson and Dr Julienne Duenas, with Lenora Makela and Rosae Calvo discussing hydration and nutrition.

The student component, focusing on anti-doping and the Olympic Values programme, was covered by Dr Luiz Cruz and Miranda.

"The main goal of the programme is to develop a better understanding for our student athletes and their entourage of how to effectively prepare themselves for competition on and off the field of play and to make the choices that are beneficial to them," Miranda said.

"I hope the attendees left with a stronger understanding of the importance of athlete health in sport and strategies to optimise their health and performance," Tingson said.