Natalia Guitler of Brazil was elected to the FITEQ Athletes' Committee ©FITEQ

Natalia Guitler of Brazil was named the first elected representative of the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) Athletes' Committee here at the organisation's General Assembly.

With the sport still in its infancy, the 32-year-old became the first athlete to sit on the Committee.

Natalia was unable to attend the General Assembly due to preparations for her mixed doubles final, but she recorded a message of thanks that was played to the attendees. 

She went on to win her gold-medal match alongside Marcos Viera. becoming the first woman to win a teqball world title. 

After her medal ceremony she spoke about her recent election.

"It means a lot because I have wanted to inspire more women to play the sport," she said. 

"The sport is growing a lot and maybe we will get to an Olympics soon, and I want to watch that happen.

"I want to bring more people from around the world to get involved and play, especially women."

The FITEQ General Assembly took place during the Teqball World Championships ©ITG
The FITEQ General Assembly took place during the Teqball World Championships ©ITG

Enikő Huszár of the FITEQ Women's Committee was also on hand at the General Assembly to give a presentation, acknowledging the rise of women participating in the World Championships from one in 2017 to 22 this year. 

She did highlight the need to increase the number of female presidents, vice-presidents and secretary-generals in teqball, however. 

Huszár also presented the "Zero to Hero" programme, which aims to prove that any woman can learn to play teqball. 

Teqball promotes itself as being fully inclusive, and with FITEQ President Gábor Borsányi signing the Brighton plus Helsinki Declaration on Women and Sport last month in Tokyo.

This committed FITEQ to upholding 10 principles that enable women and girls to freely and safely participate, compete and build careers in sport.

The General Assembly took place here during the World Championships, which concluded today with the doubles and mixed doubles finals.