A total of 350 sailors will be competing in Japan across 10 events ©World Sailing

World Sailing has confirmed its Race Officials for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games sailing competition.

A team of 60 from 31 nations will operate across a technical delegation and committee, race management, an international jury and an additional event disciplinary investigating officer.

Principal race officer American Tom Duggan is heading up the race management team, while Spain's Maria Torrijo will act as deputy.

Duggan and Torrijo both attended Ready Steady Tokyo - the Olympic test event - and have many years of experience in the sport.

Six course representatives will be responsible for the racing for each of the Olympic classes, while 12 international race officers will offer support.

Great Britain's John Doerr is chairing the international jury, with Spain's Adres Perez Alvarez as vice-chair.

The international jury will consist of 27 people, making sure the Racing Rules of Sailing are applied.

Event disciplinary officer is Australia's David Tillett, who will deal with any claims of misconduct.

The technical committee is made up of 11 international measurers, with Dimitris Dimou of Greece operating as chair - Belgium's Jurgen Cluytmans is vice-chair.

Their expertise will operate around the six pieces of equipment to be used in Enoshima, ensuring that each boat complies with class-specific rules.

World Sailing's Alastair Fox and Jon Napier are leading the international race official team as technical delegates.

In terms of gender balance, the split is 27 per cent female and 73 per cent male across the 60 race officials - at Rio 2016 it was 18 per cent female and 82 per cent male.

A total of 350 sailors will be racing across 10 Olympic events in Japan.