Immediately after approving Target 26, the IBU Congress continued with the first steps towards implementation ©Manzoni/IBU/Twitter

The International Biathlon Union (IBU) Extraordinary Congress in Munich today approved the world governing body's "Target 26" strategic plan - its blueprint for the sport's future.

Target 26 is the first of its kind for the IBU and is said to reflect a commitment to building on the sport's strong foundations and maximising its huge global potential.

Centred on five key targets, the strategic plan provides a clear framework and tangible objectives for the IBU to fulfil between now and 2026.

Immediately after approving Target 26, the Congress continued with the first steps towards implementation, zeroing in on the targets of the new strategy.

Approval follows yesterday's establishment of a Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) and the introduction of three-term limits for the President and Executive Board, after the IBU's new Constitution was passed.

Members of the IBU voted unanimously in favour of the new Constitution, replacing a document those within the organisation felt was considerably out of date.

Creating the BIU, which will be independent of the IBU, is among the headline elements of the updated Constitution.

The BIU will manage all integrity-related matters concerning biathlon, including anti-doping, ethical breaches, betting-related issues and any other kind of result manipulation.

Changing the Constitution has been a key aim of Olle Dahlin since he was elected IBU President in September 2018.

Dahlin has attempted to lead a reform effort at the IBU as the organisation moves on from a tumultuous period under former President Anders Besseberg.

Besseberg and former secretary general Nicole Resch are the subject of a criminal investigation focused on doping, fraud and corruption.

Austrian investigators are yet to produce a report on the two officials.

Both deny wrongdoing,