GAISF President Raffaele Chiulli is confident the World Urban Games will be a success ©GAISF

Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) President Raffaele Chiulli believes the World Urban Games has a "rare cocktail" which can help make the inaugural event a success.

The new multi-sport event will debut here tomorrow in Hungary’'s capital, Budapest, with three days of competition.

Sport will take place in the Nagyvásártelep park in the south of the city, which has been regenerated for the Games.

Organisers claim the graffiti-covered market hall's urban feel will provide the perfect location.

The Games, which is free for spectators to attend, has been billed by GAISF as blend of sport, music, street art and dance.

Chiulli, speaking at a pre-Games press conference, said the organisation would evaluate how the combination worked at the conclusion of the three days to help determine the success of the inaugural event.

The Italian added that large crowds would also be necessary to deem the launch event as a success.

"This kind of sporting event is rare, this kind of cocktail," he said.

"People will have the opportunity to express themselves in a different form of art, including physical art.

"One of the key performance indicators will be if the athletes are going to feel comfortable with the venue.

"We will also see the fans experience the sport - it is not common in a multi-sport event that fans can attend free of charge.

"Everybody can come, so certainly we need to see a large number of people attending and engaged, despite the very short time frame we had to promote and develop the concept.

"Also, the type of engagement they are going to have with the athletes and the level of added value for International Federations.

"The IFs are here to share, but also to learn.

"Another indicator will be how the cocktail of sport, culture, art and education combines.

"I am convinced it will be a great event and we were right to come to Budapest.

"The city deserves it and the Hungarian people are so keen to organise top-level sport events."

Raffaele Chiulli hopes the public will take advantage of the free event ©ITG
Raffaele Chiulli hopes the public will take advantage of the free event ©ITG

Budapest will have the option to stage the 2021 edition as well.

Chiulli praised the work of organisers and insisted the Games could provide a new way to engage young people with sport.

"I believe we are making a big move forward," he said.

"We see exciting things in this dynamic city.

"I am delighted with the quality work Budapest have done to bring us here today.

"Our vision, the vision of Budapest, has been realised in this creation of sport, culture and lifestyle.

"The benefits of this platform will last for more than the three days of competition.

"We are sure young people will come with their friends and share the experience and maybe have new role models.

"Learn and share is part of our job description and we have to share the experience with all of our members."

Each event will have its own soundtrack as organisers attempt to combine sport and music ©ITG
Each event will have its own soundtrack as organisers attempt to combine sport and music ©ITG

Organisers estimated earlier this year that 30,000 people could visit the Games, with the aim of 10,000 attending daily.

Attendees will be able to take part in a series of sport initiations.

The sport programme includes 3x3 basketball, BMX freestyle, breaking, flying disc, parkour and roller freestyle.

Both indoor rowing and laser run are included as showcase events.

Cheerleading, jump rope, taekwondo and teqball demonstrations will also take place.

Each sport will have its own individual soundtrack.

Graffiti art will be created during the Games, with an estimated 130 works.