Vincent Hybois led the Para archery classifiers and coaching training course ©APC

The Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) and World Archery held a classifiers and coaching training course during the Fazza Para Archery World Rankings tournament in Dubai.

Vincent Hybois, coach and expert from the French Handisport Federation, delivered training for coaches and athletes, while two archers from World Archery Classified Committee provided the training to national classifiers.

The classifiers took practical and written exams after the course, with the majority passing.

We learned about so many new aspects of coaching and classification," said Seilhaneath Khom, coach of the Cambodian Para archery team. 

"Now, we know the difference in training for an archer who is visually impaired and one who had cerebral palsy. 

"We also learned about many kinds of equipment, rules and how to train archers with different impairments.”

Some 25 participants took part in the course ©APC
Some 25 participants took part in the course ©APC

Twenty-five participants attended the course, hailing from Bhutan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates.

It was the first time the APC and World Archery had worked together to hold such a course. 

“The objective was to provide support to those countries from Asia who don’t have the facilities and expertise to train the archers themselves," said World Archery Para Committee chairperson Carole Hicks.

"These trainers are now trained classifiers and coaches, and they know the sorts of impairments that are permissible and how to test for it."